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What Makes Panoramic Users Happy?

"Superb Customer Service...Simplicity Of Use, Ability To Customize"

ASP [Application Service Provider] service, simplicity of use, ability to customize, confidentiality through ASP, and speed are the main reasons we decided on Panoramic.

These traits, now coupled with superb customer service, are the reasons we will stay with Panoramic and promote it to other firms.

We look forward to continuing the partnership

"I Feel Like A Dry Sponge That Someone Has Added Water To"

We continue to get rave reviews about the use of your 360 feedback tool. Here is one comment that should make you feel good about the service you are providing:

"I found the 360 leadership report incredibly valuable, and rich with insights into how I am perceived by those with whom I am working most closely.... I feel like a dry sponge that someone has added water to, because this type of useful, focused feedback has been really lacking until now in my professional life."

"A Great Success"

Our first survey effort was a great success. I am very satisfied with the programming and the product.

"User Friendly"

Panoramic Feedback provided an excellent way for me and my partners to give honest and candid feedback on one another. We can't wait to implement it in the rest of the organization.

The process was also very user friendly.

"Even A Dummy Can Do It"

Please feel free to use me as a reference for the future. I'd be glad to speak with your prospects to tell them why they should use you, or your customers if they want to know about setting up surveys, do's and don'ts, etc.

I can prove to them even a dummy can do it!

"Accessible, Responsive"

Panoramic Feedback is a flexible, highly customizable 360-degree feedback tool that allows us to provide state-of-the-art solutions for our clients, while maintaining ease of administration for us and the client.

Customer support by the Panoramic staff has been first-rate; it is obvious that there are accessible, responsive people behind this Internet-based service.

"Ease In Response"

After completing 4 separate projects with more than 60 subjects and close to 700 respondents, it is easy for me to recommend Panoramic Feedback for 360 feedback.

Our staff and supervisors are THRILLED with the ease in response and the final feedback report. The quality of the final report adds credibility to the final scores and comments our staff have received. In addition, this is the first time our staff have felt comfortable providing realistic feedback, due to the high level of security incorporated in the system. A Great Product!!!

"Most Evolved"

"We did our research and frankly, Panoramic Feedback is the Internet's most evolved multi-source feedback system."

"Great Team"

We are glad to admit the system is really very good and you are great team, too!

It is pleasure to be in contact with you and certainly we are happy you are our chosen provider!

"Willing And Helpful"

Panoramic Feedback has been extremely willing and helpful in meeting our needs. In addition, they have responded very quickly to our queries or problems!

Not only have the resulting assessments provided us with all the information we gained from our former system, but they also go that extra step in helping people with their developmental plans.

"Predictably Dependable"

Panoramic Feedback is such a powerful tool that I am continually discovering new ways to use it. That being said, it is completely predictably dependable and grounded in good practice.

I highly recommend it and would be willing to discuss it with anyone wanting more information.

"Raving About It"

We think your program is great! We use it in our succession planning program, and compared to the population in the department, our succession group gets many more promotions. Our people are raving about it!

"Great Confidence"

Our consulting firm appreciates the way Panoramic Feedback is continually updating its services and products.

And our clients love the fact that we have a web-based instrument! As a result, the 360 feedback aspect of our business is really gearing up, with a continuous flow of new projects.

I feel great confidence in referring both our own clients and other consultants to our wonderful Panoramic system.