Radio Telescopes?

These immense parabolic antennas amplify faint signals to bring us crucial intelligence from every direction in the universe—like 360-degree feedback does.

They also remind us of our commitment to keep Panoramic Feedback always, reliably, at the leading edge. Frankly, this is the Internet's most evolved 360-degree feedback system.

Panoramic's Founders, Our Excellent Developers, Professional Support, Consulting Services

Our Mission

The key to sustainable success over the long haul is a workforce committed to improving its skills. We believe that 360-degree feedback is the most reliable method for creating a culture of growth, and supporting individuals in their development.

That's why we don't just provide the technology, as wonderful as it is. We back it up with expertise, and support systems for the crucial pre- and post-360 phases.

Equally, we feel the responsibility of providing leadership and support to the community. We located our Knowledge Center at the core of this website to make expert and unbiased information available to everyone, whether or not they purchase our system.

As a 360 provider, we see ourselves as citizens of the world. Every working person, on every continent, deserves the support of good feedback. That's why we've taken the lead in making 360-degree feedback available in scores of languages.

Founders Of Panoramic Feedback

Photo: Esther Kohn-Bentley

Esther Kohn-Bentley M.Ed., CEO, manages customer relations and sales. She holds a Master's degree in workplace learning and development, and has decades of experience in performance evaluation and growth.

Quote: "Panoramic Feedback grew out of our passion for human development. I get so much satisfaction from hearing our clients' stories about how their people have grown, and the positive impact on their organization's success as a whole, including their bottom line."

Outside the office: Esther is devoted to her work as a director on the board of the Floyd Honey Foundation. Its Walking Home initiative helps homeless young people prepare for gainful employment. In her free time, Esther shares the outdoor life with her partner Tim.

Photo: Timothy Bentley

Timothy Bentley M.Div., COO, oversees the development of new features for Panoramic Feedback. He brings many years experience as an organizational consultant to helping our clients mine their 360 data for the strategic information concealed within it.

Quote: "When we went online in 1998, Panoramic was the only 360 system on the Internet. Our dedicated staff have maintained that leadership, while providing feedback for hundreds of organizations worldwide. With over a million questionnaires processed, and hundreds of thousands of individuals receiving valuable feedback, I have to say I'm very proud."

Outside the office: Tim is an avid writer and fanatical boater. The National Post recently published "My Boat Beats Your Cottage" which he wrote on deck at dawn, as silent swans glided by and mysterious splashes sounded in the distance.


Esther and Tim wrote Leadership Coaching for the Workplace for Irwin Publishing. It is a complete guide for coaches as they help individuals develop to their full potential.

The Complete 360-Degree Feedback Resource Kit guides users from the initial planning of the feedback process to the follow-up workshops and coaching that complete the cycle.

You can read many of Tim's published articles in our Knowledge Center.

Professional Support

Photo: Elena Albegova

For over a decade, Elena Albegova B.Sc. has managed our Client Support Department with grace and generosity. Her strong technical background, and a passion for helping people succeed, make her an excellent Client Relations Manager. She and her support staff offer cheerful, timely advice to our clients. They also provide meticulous project administrative services on request.

Client's Comments
"We are especially appreciative of the prompt and personalized attention we receive....Thank you for being so available for our questions."

"Many thanks, Elena. I am most impressed with the process and would highly recommend it to others."

"Panoramic's customer service has always been top notch, and we appreciate that!"

"Thanks for all your wonderful support - you have made this process a pleasure!!!!"

Consulting Services

For more intensive support, we'll connect you with our network of experienced associate consultants and coaches. They will work with you to implement a highly effective 360-degree feedback strategy.

Read more about the Panoramic Feedback 360 system.