Become An Authorized Distributor

Panoramic Feedback invites mature consultants and firms to become distributors worldwide for the leading web-based 360-degree feedback system.

Countries New to 360

Panoramic Feedback offers special help to distributors in languages and countries where 360-degree feedback is not yet widely used.


Panoramic Feedback's pure Internet architecture is ideal for many of your clients, particularly those who:

  • Are international in scope.
  • Have offices in diverse locations.
  • Need to assess key leaders or large numbers.
  • Appreciate the most effective tools.

Your Current Clients

These client characteristics might suggest you should become a distributor:

  • Require a probing aggregate overview of their human capital.
  • Support 360-degree feedback with coaching by internals and/or externals.
  • Value the strategic intelligence they can gather during and after the 360.

Panoramic Feedback and You

You are well suited for distributorship if you have an forward-looking, entrepreneurial approach to your work. Have you worked with 360-degree feedback and seen the benefits? Does it excite you to work with a world leader in this expanding field?

Ask yourself if your clients would vouch for your ethics, professionalism, and ahead-of-the-curve practice. Would they welcome additional opportunities to benefit from your wisdom and expertise?


Our reputation for effective 360-degree feedback will augment your credibility with your clientele.

Strategic Aggregate Reporting

We will provide an accessible, multi-layered overview of your clients' human assets, a rich source for strategic analysis.


Our generous wholesale/retail price structure can make Panoramic Feedback a valuable contributor to your practice.


Any time you need it, you'll receive our famous, cheerful advice and support.