Free 360-Degree Feedback For You

Try out Panoramic Feedback, the world's most respected 360-degree feedback system. There's no cost or obligation.

You'll receive authentic feedback, from responders of your choosing, about three of the most crucial competencies of our age: strategic orientation, teamwork, and relationship building. In the process, you'll experience how beautifully the Panoramic Feedback system works.

Here's what will happen.

You'll receive an email asking you to enter the email addresses of your responders.

After two days
Your responders will receive an email asking them to answer your brief questionnaire. You'll respond too, so you have a point of comparison when you get the report.

A week later
When everyone has had a chance to respond, we'll send your confidential 360 report to you in PDF format. It will include a comparison to normative data, based on others participating in this demonstration.

This will give you a good overall perspective on Panoramic Feedback. We hope you'll like what you see, and in the process, receive some valuable feedback.

Here's the minimal information we need to get started:

Next step: tomorrow (or the next working day), you'll get an email from us to start the project.