We'll Manage Your 360-Degree Feedback

Hand over the project administration to our experts

The Panoramic Feedback Service Bureau will help you focus your energy on the creative work where you add real value. You'll find these options fast, effective, efficient.

Centralized No-Admin 360

Recommended for centralized projects where:

  • Your office is responsible for the 360 process for the organization
  • But you don’t want to deal with the administration
  • You manage the budget
How it works

Tell us when you want to run your customized 360-degree feedback, and we'll manage the entire process: setup, notification, monitoring, generating reports, and keeping you well-informed throughout.

Local 360 On-Demand

Recommended for decentralized 360s where:

  • You want your local managers to initiate 360 evaluations
  • You prefer they not be trained in 360 administration
  • They pay out of their own budgets
How it works

Tell us initially how you want us to set up 360s for your organization. Then advise your managers to contact us directly for 360 assessments. We'll manage the process with no fuss, and present them with the final reports.

Both options benefit from your professional skills, with minimal demand on your time.

Ask for details about our Service Bureau.