Aggregated Data Supports Strategy

Panoramic Feedback's Group Report increases the strategic value of your 360 process.

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Solid information about your human capital can spark positive outcomes in:

  • Marketing
  • Productivity
  • Profitability
  • Team effectiveness
  • Culture change
  • Morale

The Panoramic Feedback Group Report provides reliable data in a very accessible form, because it is based on a broad sample of those who know the strength of your people best.

Our Aggregate Interpretation Service will produce an interpretative overview of your Group Report, to support your leaders in strategic decisions affected by human capital issues (extra-charge option).

What do you need to know?

The Group Report can help answer the specific questions your organization should be asking:

"How well do our people exhibit our core competencies or values?"

"Are there strengths in particular areas of the organization from which we are not benefiting, whether in productivity or public perception?"

"Are there individuals or groups who could be especially productive, except that we have not recognized their skills or used them to advantage?"

"Are the skills generally exhibited by our people, actually those most important to our success?"

"Are there skill deficits invisible to the leadership that are holding us back from greater success?"

"Who has the new skills needed in the near future for our succession program?"

"Does our culture focus most respect on leaders, on peers, or on direct reports - and how does that affect productivity?"

"Where should we focus coaching or training for the greatest strategic benefit: particular locations, departments, demographic groups, leadership levels, or individuals?"

"In groups that show weaknesses, does everyone need development opportunities, or only a few?"

"How are we doing compared with last year?"

The Virtuous Spiral

Virtuous Spiral

Aggregates Contribute To More Effective 360s

The Panoramic Group Report can help you get more value from the next round of 360s. Data from response patterns will guide your planning for the next 360. And you can use the aggregate ratings to benchmark future outcomes.

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