Broad Spectrum Customization

360-Degree Feedback Illustration

Panoramic Feedback allows you to customize questionnaires and reports to provide maximum value for responders and receivers.

Here is a sampling of your options.

Set Up The Project According To Your Needs

Select from the following options:

Automatic Report Delivery

For organizations that do not provide reports through supervisors or coaches, this reduces the effort of generating and delivering reports individually.

Auto Emails

Announce survey and remind responders, with emails generated automatically.

Opt-out option

Allows incorrectly-selected responders to exclude themselves from automated reminders.


Select or modify competencies and behavior descriptions from our library, or import your own.

Modify Responder Categories
  • Add or subtract Responder categories
  • Choose new identities for Responder categories
    e.g. "Supervisor", "Manager", "Leader", or "Boss"
  • Select display colors for categories in reports
Modify Scales
  • Select scale for response to questions from 1 to 2 to 1 to 10. Or minus-to-plus scales (e.g. -5 to + 5)
  • Customize anchors
    e.g. "Agree/Disagree", "Rarely/Frequently", or any terms you choose
  • Choose whether to allow the response: "Not enough information to respond"
Intro Texts

Create your own introductory and explanatory texts for questionnaires and reports.

Control Comments

  • Create as many narrative comment boxes as you wish, each with individualized instructions
  • Disallow comments from selected categories of responders
  • Turn comments on or off when generating report

Single Responder

Use questionnaire for self-only or supervisor-only evaluations.

Flexible Report Layout

  • Choose whether to merge responder groups which have few responses, to ensure confidentiality
  • Generate reports in English, French, English-and-French, and provide Subjects with free workbook in English or French
  • Display highest and lowest rated items, so Subject can see strengths and areas needing more work
  • Print reports on A4 paper for metric users
  • And more....

Export All Response Data

  • Into MS Excel, Access, or SPSS
  • Analyze results across a project
  • Create your own charts and graphs
  • Summarize comments