Convenient Management Of Participant Data

integrate your survey with your HRIS

Speed and automate the entry of your participant data with the Panoramic Feedback DataBank.

  • Save time and energy.
  • Ensure accuracy.
  • Provide strategic data for aggregate reports and data exports.

Simply upload employee data from an HRIS, address book, spreadsheet, database, or contact information program.

Automatic Emails

Panoramic Feedback sends emails to your participants automatically, informing them about the 360 and linking them to questionnaires.

Subjects Select Their Own Responders

You don't have to enter responder information. Save your energy for value-added activities, while subjects use a special portal to enter addresses for their responders.

Strategic Analysis

The DataBank allows you to upload key information about each subject. Once they have their reports, generate an aggregate report that displays response patterns by demographics like department, location, or role.

This strategic data can benefit marketing, productivity, profitability, training, team effectiveness, culture change, morale, and more.

(Available in Enterprise Edition only. Portal in English only.)