360 System Quick Overview

Reliable Customizable Comparative
Easy To Use Knowledge Base World Languages
Flexible Payment Options Pure Web Architecture HRIS Integration
Status Reports Aggregate Overview Secure Data
First Online Panoramic Feedback was the first 360-degree feedback tool on the Internet. Since 1998, it has been relentlessly fine-tuned to benefit users on every continent.
Customize You can customize almost every aspect of questionnaires and reports, to increase commitment and comprehension.
Comparative Data Comparative data supports the pursuit of excellence by showing individuals how their results compare with their previous 360 or the current group.
Intuitive Interface Totally new Web 2.0 user interface guides you intuitively through setup, provides instant "popup" help.
Knowledge Center Up-to-date, vendor-neutral information from our Knowledge Center will guide your 360-degree feedback, leadership coaching, and survey practice. Successful process design and best practices.
Many Languages Now you can provide questionnaires and reports in the common languages of Europe, the Americas, and Cyrillic-speaking countries.
Two Editions Our Standard and Enterprise editions allow you to purchase only the features you need. Or buy a perpetual license.
Low Maintenance A browser-based system that requires no local software. That means no hidden maintenance, IT, or upgrade costs.
Automate entry of Participants Save time with auto entry of participants from address book, HRIS, or other contact list. Subjects can enter their own responders for increased efficiency and accuracy. Yields valuable strategic data.
Status Reports Up-to-the-minute status reports summarize response rates and responder assignments. Individuals' responses remain strictly confidential.
Aggregate Reporting Aggregate 360 reports generate reliable strategic intelligence. Benefits for productivity, profitability, marketing, team effectiveness, culture change, morale.
Security Data is encrypted and locked away in a secure server with redundant systems, staffed 24/7. We'll support all your confidentiality initiatives.