Your Need For Security And Support

360-degree feedback illustration Because 360-degree feedback collects sensitive personal opinions, we take security very seriously. Your data is maintained with complete safety on Panoramic Feedback's secure servers.

Professional Protection

Panoramic Feedback was founded by professionals with extensive OD consulting experience. Our leaders maintain a professional commitment to confidentiality, anonymity, and safety for all those affected by 360-degree feedback.

Maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality requires more stringent standards in design and programming, but it is well worth the cost.

Our policy is that all data provided through Panoramic Feedback is private and confidential, and may not be released to anyone other than those designated by the organization. This includes questionnaires, responses, and reports.

As a condition of employment, our staff sign a contract to honor this commitment.

Web Protection

Under 256-bit SSL encryption, all survey information has been rendered inaccessible from the web. Hackers and crackers are reliably refused access.

Only two groups of users are authorized to input data:

  1. Survey administrators
  2. Responders to questionnaires

(You may authorize a third group: subjects selecting their responders.)

For all these groups, access is restricted strictly to the information they need to complete their tasks. In other words, administrators are restricted to contact with their own data, responders may only enter responses, subjects may only select among potential responders. None has any means of gaining access to the data of others.

No information is released to unauthorized persons. Complex passwords issued by Panoramic Feedback protect the integrity of all data.

Security Facts About Our Servers

  • Dedicated servers using highly secure Linux
  • Only authorized system administrators have access to the servers
  • Server software: Apache
  • All necessary OS-level security updates are applied nightly as they are available
  • Secure data center:
    • Staffed 24/7
    • Comprehensive personnel security, including biometric entry
    • Redundant systems
    • Redundant cooling infrastructure
    • Backup batteries
    • Multiple diesel generators


Customer data is backed up incrementally every hour. We keep all backups for the last week, and weekly full backups for the last 4 weeks.

At your option, you may save your organization's Panoramic Feedback reports to disk, ensuring that they are maintained in a secure environment.

Support That Makes You Confident

If you have questions about security, or other issues, contact our expert in-house support staff by email or phone.

They'll be happy to offer advice about how your administration system can maintain confidentiality, and explain how our system protects sensitive data.