Status Reports Keep Your Project On Track

360-Degree Feedback Illustration

You need to know the response rate for your 360, of course, but you need more. Who has responded and who has not? What can we learn about the response process while it is ongoing?

Up-to-the-minute status reports from Panoramic Feedback provide the data you require:

  • Check the ratio of actual to potential responders.
  • Display response rates for each category of responder (e.g. supervisor, peer, direct report).
  • Understand response patterns.
  • Sort summaries by demographics (e.g. department or location), for more precise analysis.
  • Learn which individuals have responded - and who has not.
  • Potential responders for each subject.
  • Responder's email address and category, for further action.
  • Date of each completed response.

Panoramic Feedback's status reports provide the vital information as you need it, so your 360 project can produce maximum value.

Despite the panorama of status information to which you have access, the system is carefully designed to keep each individual's responses strictly confidential.