Pure Web Architecture Means Minimal Demand on Your System

360-Degree Feedback Illustration

System Requirements

Responders and administrator require only:

  • Computer
  • Browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox)

Administrator requires, as well:

  • Javascript enabled
  • Adobe Reader—a free download
Seriously, that's it.

Less Work For You

Panoramic Feedback is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service provider. We provide turn-key solutions, taking care of all program management for you.

The program you use is located on our server, and all data is securely stored there, with no web-hosting fees.

That cuts both work and expense for you and your organization.

The Business Case

It's the ideal solution for small organizations and global enterprises.

  • Never search for room for data on your server.
  • Don't worry whether you have the right amount of RAM or a fast-enough processor.
  • Never pull high-priced IT people away from crucial work to get you started or keep you going.
  • Avoid the hidden costs associated with software: installation, maintaining it if it breaks, periodical upgrades, lost or damaged diskettes.

Our software-as-a-service model allows you to avoid a big software hit to your capital budget, as you can run Panoramic Feedback out of your operating account.


We made our system so straightforward that there's no formal training course for administrators. That means no travel required, no time away from the job, no extra expense. But we do provide free individualized telephone training to new users, as they need it.

Global Reach

Responders can reply from anywhere, anytime, 24/7.


This cloud-based service offers another important benefit: responders and subjects will thank you for keeping their data safely off-site, away from accidental leaks. They appreciate knowing that it's protected by professionals committed to confidentiality.