Consulting, Coaching, Analysis

360-Degree Feedback Illustration


Panoramic Feedback's experienced consultants (many of them Distributors) can help you design your feedback project, develop support at all levels, create effective questionnaires, train responders and people being assessed, analyze the results with a view to action, and help you report the results back to the leadership.


Coaching is a powerful aid in turning 360-degree feedback into positive, new behaviors. Our experienced associates can meet with people receiving thier feedback reports, in person or online, to help them understand the results and plan for skill development. Or they can provide on-going support to those who wish to develop more effective skills.

We provide brief coaching training for managers, for maximum effectiveness as they coach their employees.


Our analysis services will provide your leaders with valuable metrics about the capabilities of your people.

Aggregate Interpretation

Based on your Project Aggregate Report, our interpretation service will produce an interpretative overview of the data from 360 projects. This review will support your leaders in making strategic decisions affected by human capital issues.

Statistical Analysis

Our statistical analyst, an organizational development psychologist, can help you uncover unseen relationships between segments of human capital data produced by your 360-degree feedback projects.