Leadership Coaching for the Workplace: 5 hard copies

Leadership Coaching for the Workplace: 5 hard copies


Available in packages of 5 printed copies, so you can provide them for everyone who coaches your employees: executives, managers, professionals in HR/OD/Training. 219 pages.

Leadership Coaching for the Workplace is a great guide to effective coaching, written by the founders of Panoramic Feedback, the online 360-degree feedback system, Esther Kohn-Bentley and Timothy Bentley. It offers a step-by-step guide to the coaching relationship that is practical, inspiring, and thorough.

Partial Contents

  •     How to develop leaders for this new age.
  •     The Deep Learning process for coaching that "sticks".
  •     Case examples and narrative dialogues.
  •     Assessment tools to improve outcome.
  •     How to use 360-degree feedback as a coaching tool.
  •     Sample forms: contracts, action plans, evaluations.
  •     Contact information for resources, training, and accreditation.
  •     Bibliography.
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