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This is The 360-Degree Feedback system You're Looking For

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When your people get feedback from those who work with them, it makes a positive impression. Their performance improves. That's human nature.

You'll appreciate how quick and intuitive it is to use Panoramic Feedback as your 360-degree feedback provider. It's Internet-based. Highly customizable. Strong on security and confidentiality. And you'll receive great support.

You can even save time and energy by having our Service Bureau run your projects for you.

Panoramic Feedback is a full-featured customizable 360 system that's been used by smart organizations worldwide for over two decades.


Great Support


We get it. Highly responsive support - by live chat, phone, or email - is crucial for all your tasks.

Our clients say we listen, and take real care with them. Quick, friendly support, they tell us, means the world.



360 Enhances Performance Appraisals

In an age when leadership is in the cross-hairs, millions of people every year use 360-degree feedback to provide their managers with frank, anonymous reviews.

That's a strategic and competitive advantage. It encourages leaders to develop their technical and relationship skills.

The result: improvements in morale, productivity, and job satisfaction. And, crucially, a reduction in unspoken distress.

The bonus is that high-performing employees are more likely to commit to a feedback-oriented organization.

360-degree feedback evaluations offer special encouragement to supervisors, providing them with solid direction for training, performance appraisals, employee development, and coaching.

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Choose Who Does The Work


Run your own projects

You'll appreciate our user-friendly tools that give you total control. 

  • Simple layout
  • Intuitive controls
  • Dynamic reports for individuals and the organization
  • Export all response data for analysis
  • Comparative and group reports

Let our professionals do it

Our Service Bureau will set up your projects and keep you in the loop. Join the growing number of organizations that have adopted this time-saving option. 

Just tell us when you want to run your customized 360-degree feedback, and we'll have it online in days. We'll send emails to participants, monitor progress, generate reports, and keep you well-informed throughout.


Enjoy Full Customization


You'll appreciate the freedom to design questionnaires, reports, and emails so they appeal specifically to your people.

We provide human resources and training professionals with an extensive library of questionnaires, all customizable. Or you can use your own.

Panoramic Feedback serves local, international, and multinational organizations. Whatever language your people speak, you can count on us to support the characters of more than 50 tongues in your questionnaires and reports.




"LDW has worked closely with Panoramic Feedback for almost 20 years, to provide customized 360 feedback solutions for many of our global clients.

The platform is flexible, easy to use, and the reports are easily interpreted by users and consultants alike.

Customer support by the Panoramic staff has been first-rate; it is obvious that there are accessible, responsive people behind this Internet-based service."

Anthony J. Saccone, Ph.D.
Leadership Development Worldwide, LLC