These excellent training and coaching materials are designed to ensure that your 360 is a success. 

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The Complete 360-Degree Feedback
Resource Kit

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This kit is a detailed instruction and training package designed to guide you through the entire feedback process—from the initial executive consultations, through the preparation of the organization, to follow-up workshops, and coaching for people being assessed. It contains all the practical information and materials you need, even workshop handouts, for a successful 360-degree feedback project. (Not vendor-specific.)

Self-Development Series


This individual development program is a comprehensive set of over 2000 practical suggestions for growth in 42 competency areas.

As well, the goal-setting, action-planning Workbook and the Progress Log, ensure that individuals create appropriate goals and stay on track in their development. They establish a basis for performance management and coaching by the managers. (Not vendor-specific.)

Leadership Coaching for the Workplace


Leadership Coaching for the Workplace is a great guide to effective coaching, written by the founders of Panoramic Feedback. Order copies for everyone who coaches your employees: executives, managers, HR/OD/Training professionals. (Not vendor-specific.)