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Panoramic Feedback has been providing 360-degree feedback services internationally for two decades. We have a strong reputation for security and confidentiality, and have never experienced a data breach.

Our standards

Security of the system, confidentiality of feedback, and the anonymity of Responders are the three concerns at the heart of the Panoramic Feedback system.

For those reasons, we collect a very limited amount of essential information about Subjects and Responders: no physical addresses, bank information, passwords, etc. What we possess is the minimum required to provide 360-degree feedback services.

To protect everyone, administrators are required to use a complex password, which gives them access only to their individual partition in our system. Although this allows them to set up Projects, they cannot use it to link any particular assessment to a particular Responder, for the sake of confidentiality and anonymity.

Subjects have very little input to the system. They can only nominate Responders and provide a self-assessment. This requires them to use a complex password. 

Responders are required to use a complex password to assess Subjects' online questionnaires. That is their only possible input.

What we store

For Subjects, we store only name, email address, gender (which is used to guide how our questionnaires uses pronouns), and (if the client desires) job title.

For Responders, we have only the email address.

In addition, we collect ratings, i.e. how the Subject is rated by each Responder. This information is compiled into a report for the Subject which keeps the source of each rating anonymous. (We recommend to clients that Supervisor's ratings be exempted from anonymity, since it is their responsibility to be transparent with their direct reports about how they regard their work.) 

The report referenced above is not retained in our system. It is compiled on the fly, on request, from existing data.

Behind the scenes

Here's a technology summary that backs up Panoramic Feedback's reputation for security:

  • Projects and questionnaires are accessible only with complex passwords, ensuring anonymity and security

  • Even project administrators cannot identify individual responders with particular responses

  • The server operates on the highly secure Linux platform running on Apache

  • Data transfers are encrypted at 256-bit SSL

  • All necessary OS-level security updates are applied nightly

  • Over 99% uptime

  • All data is protected on our secure server

  • The server has diverse path network connectivity

  • All public internet traffic is handled on on multiple Tier 1 providers

  • The server is protected with built-in redundancy, full uninterruptible power supply systems, and backup generator systems

  • The data centre has on-site security 24×365, with biometric & S2 keycard access, and complete CCTV digital camera coverage

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"Panoramic Feedback has been a trusted supplier of 360 products, services and expertise to my company for over 15 years. In that time I’ve completed 360 reviews for several hundred individuals in companies across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Flawless products combined with highly knowledgeable and responsive staff makes Panoramic Feedback the ‘go to’ provider of 360 feedback in today’s marketplace."

Scott Borland