Superb Support


Secure, Friendly, Just-In-Time

Because the Panoramic Feedback system was designed from the ground up for non-technical users, you won't need a lot of support. 

Still, we pride ourselves on the grace and generosity of our customer service. We provide personal online training, at no charge, as often as you need it.

You'll find that our abundant on-screen Help and the clearly-written Manuals answer most setup questions quickly and conveniently.

But you're welcome to contact us during business hours however you find convenient - email, phone, or live chat. We'll respond without delay.

We want you to succeed, so whether it's a question about setting up your unique project or about best practices in 360-degree feedback, our skilled staff are there for you with a quick and friendly response.


"We are especially appreciative of the prompt and personalized attention we receive....Thank you for being so available for our questions."

"Panoramic's customer service has always been top notch, and we appreciate that!"

"Thanks for all your wonderful support - you have made this process a pleasure!!!!"