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What Is 360-Degree Feedback?

It's a tool that uses the communication power of the Internet to stimulate the growth of individuals and guide organizations in their strategy. In a perfect world we'd all get feedback, and see ourselves as others see us.... 

360-Degree Feedback Overview

In the past half-century, 360-degree feedback has had a growing influence in the development of effective workers and fine leaders. But it is successful only when both the organization and its people have been carefully prepared, and the tool selected carefully.... 

Guidelines For 360-Degree Feedback

For half a century, 360-degree feedback has contributed to the development of fine leaders. Unhappily, it has sometimes been imposed on unready organizations, deployed in a risky manner, and earned a mixed reception. The guidelines below will help you avoid these pitfalls, devise an effective process, and select a good instrument... 

Where to Start: Questions the 360 Design Team Needs to Ask

A practical list of questions your design team should answer, to be sure they deal with all the nitty gritty details in planning your 360 intervention.... 

Understanding 360-Degree Feedback (Book Excerpt)

360-degree feedback is the most exciting development to enrich human resources, organization development, consulting and coaching. Where these have generally been limited by the perspective of the subject and supervisor, 360-degree feedback broadens the canvas dramatically.... 

Cumulative 360 Data Guides Strategic Planning

HR professionals who harness the aggregate data provided by 360 degree feedback make a valued contribution to the well-being of their organization. This data assists in the strategic management of human assets which, in competitive times, can make the difference between success and failure.... 

Skills Experts Advocate 360-Degree Feedback To Assess Leaders' Development Needs

To develop effective leaders, organizations should invest in 360-degree feedback to diagnose their development needs. That's the advice of Jocelyn Bérard, a Vice President at Global Knowledge,.... 

Protect Integrity In Governance With 360-Degree Feedback

In the wake of recent corporate scandals, 360-degree feedback has emerged as a tool that may help prevent future disasters..... 

What To Do If You're Worried Whether People Will Respond To 360

Here's why some organizations achieve a 95% response rate for their 360-degree feedback projects, while others languish in the 60s and 70s. Avoid their mistakes, and attract more responders.... 

"Panoramic Feedback has been extremely willing and helpful in meeting our needs. In addition, they have responded very quickly to our queries or problems!

Not only have the resulting assessments provided us with all the information we gained from our former system, but they also go that extra step in helping people with their developmental plans."

Tracy Hudson
BDO Dunwoody LLP